Apologies and Justice

It is with deep regret and sincere apologies to officially announce that Richard Cayne's Royal Siam Trust Company is or rather was a certified 'Ponzi scheme'. His loyal clients who are "WSB Claimants" have a 100% guaranteed loss and zero recourse in his massive Thai land banking scam. Absolutely none of your 'POAs' were accepted by the court nor any Japan foreigners' "claim" in WSB was even accepted by the court. Those of you who believed, and had faith in Richard Cayne (the mastermind), and any of his paid legal letters can be rest assured to gain nothing back from him. Screwed twice and fair-warned.  

Once again... Richard Meyer Cayne fled to Thailand in 2010 for several reasons, the main of course being his 'RST' escape, and his lawyer advised him to take off (Tokyo) to avoid more police and FSA investigations mounted with forthcoming lawsuits (as well as refusing to turn over clients names - to the agency that is supposed to protect you). He also did not want to play by the new FSA rules and regulations (after being suspended and penalized) and hates taxes, including on the millions he bilked off his clients for RST. His SESC/FSA sanction case landed on the Prime Minister's desk, literally in 2010. An American lawyer at a Tokyo law firm even wrote about it online specifically in fall 2010.
It didn't matter, all the swindled cash went offshore (HK) in a hundred directions, so it's best just to take off and play the victim with legal letters and emails...for awhile at least.

If a final (laughable) miracle happens with his perjury and lies in a dinky Trat court many still gave Richard Cayne Power of Attorney (you could easily revoke this with a piece of paper), and the RST Hong Kong money is still long gone, and he thinks is/was his -- and the land is worth a mere million USD (two if lucky) for hundreds. The Trat Thai judge and court knows he's lying already, and a foreigner no doubt full of **** and used the Royal Thai family to profit offshore from Japan - tax free and zero paid thus far. Thailand indeed gained nothing but a foreign 'farang' problem on their turf with not one baht legitimately going to the land, and foreign investors that paid zilch in taxes for the White Sands land. A tax dodging land banking scam offshore and its victims left helpless in Japan with the BS benefactor claiming his own fraud. 

If Richard Cayne thinks he (and his staff) will outrun the statute of limitations (financial crimes) for Japan he's dead WRONG. You the victims, still have time for justice - a few years really.

FYI, the RST and/or WSB records were stolen out of Mackenzie Smith & Partners (WSB) a few years ago. A police report was filed. WSB believes Richard Cayne was behind it for sure with a Thai. Most RST/RC investors on paper are long gone or in a cardboard box rotting, and/or more than likely their records were shredded and burned. Richard Cayne asked for (ITT) RST bank transfer receipts with your POA, and this was to make it look like he didn't take the "super majority" of your RST investment funds. So essentially, stealing the investment (your) records in Bangkok needed to be done by Mr. RST himself and his staff to wipe it clean -- poof gone, and finally just play white knight. Worse, anyone who did not sign a POA for this narcissist was personally flushed down the toilet and forgotten (by him) for their Royal Siam Trust investment.

You may actually want to call or visit the police now and file a fraud report, and you can even file a report to the Japanese police, but sadly Richard Cayne already fled Japan. File a criminal complaint anyway and go on record. Dozens of other Richard Cayne and Meyer Asset Management / RST victims have.

In the end, most of the money has been traced, but Richard Cayne methodically placed in various Meyer Group offshore accounts and family trust schemes, and threatened anyone who questioned his own RST land banking scam.

Sadly, the actual recovery and justice was all covered with instructions years ago for many and Richard Cayne is burning up (10%) the rest of your RST money for his lawyers in Thailand and Japan. Feel free to contact The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) on Richard Cayne NOW in Ottawa, Canada by email or phone. Trust us... they surely know his name.


Recent Richard Cayne Progress?

Q: So, what is White Sands Beach actually worth?

A: Less than when it was bought near ten years ago ($1,800,000) -- FACT. Even if Richard Cayne and his loyal clients magically win their case (with the new desperate letters and bogus cheap-shot tactics); and gain shared claims in the land, it will be split between hundreds of investors or his loyal clients who gave him Power of Attorney.

You, the RST victims, would make roughly a 10% recovery on your original investment (unlikely) - and that's only if it sells on the market (years). Yes, that is a fact. The Royal Siam Trust profits (90%) from the past (USD millions) are considered HIS profits ($23,000 per unit / 2009).

Bottom line: If Richard Cayne was in the clear... he would've opened the RST (bank) books to the investors LONG ago. The only thing that matters now are certified court and bank documents and past evidence of RST, and his Meyer offshore companies (Shore Ltd, Asia Wealth Group, Etc. Etc). The documents floating around on Mackenzie Smith were paid for by Richard Cayne or RST. Please read them carefully just like the recent legal letter. Look VERY closely and think. Richard Cayne never paid White Sands Beach a dime and that is a FACT.

All the jealousy, insecurities, scapegoating and biased people involved will be put to rest very soon. This blog was about the case of Royal Siam Trust/ 'RC'- a narcissist, the land banking scam, he the director himself, his abuse and stuck to the relevant facts of the case.

More than likely, Richard's past English teaching days long ago (1995-97) in Japan and others are getting the best of them. That is a respectable occupation over his new and now past one. Half of the RST investors are teachers and the other half are delicate Japanese who could find no recourse for help in this. This was Richard Cayne's real motive-- his prey in Japan. In the end...with Richard Cayne.. your money is long gone. 



IMPORTANT NOTE: Richard Cayne's sock in your mouth and get out of jail free card with each of you and an attempt to protect himself on his Royal Siam Trust Company "WSB Representation". He may have given you ( threatened ) this document and demanded it to be signed or "no WSB claim" - or to simply shut you and your family up ( that he surely never signed himself ). A ridiculous gag order - release waiver ( RST ), confidentiality "agreement" for his RST crime so you won't go to the police or sue him wherever he lurks. Sadly many of his victims were fooled again and this is invalid if NOT signed, witnessed and notarized by him and you having an original copy.

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