Recent Richard Cayne Progress?

Q: So, what is White Sands Beach actually worth?

A: Less than when it was bought near ten years ago ($1,800,000) -- FACT. Even if Richard Cayne and his loyal clients magically win their case (with the new desperate letters and bogus cheap-shot tactics); and gain shared claims in the land, it will be split between hundreds of investors or his loyal clients who gave him Power of Attorney.

You, the RST victims, would make roughly a 10% recovery on your original investment (unlikely) - and that's only if it sells on the market (years). Yes, that is a fact. The Royal Siam Trust profits (90%) from the past (USD millions) are considered HIS profits ($23,000 per unit / 2009).

Bottom line: If Richard Cayne was in the clear... he would've opened the RST (bank) books to the investors LONG ago. The only thing that matters now are certified court and bank documents and past evidence of RST, and his Meyer offshore companies (Shore Ltd, Asia Wealth Group, Etc. Etc). The documents floating around on Mackenzie Smith were paid for by Richard Cayne or RST. Please read them carefully just like the recent legal letter. Look VERY closely and think. Richard Cayne never paid White Sands Beach a dime and that is a FACT.

All the jealousy, insecurities, scapegoating and biased people involved will be put to rest very soon. This blog was about the case of Royal Siam Trust/ 'RC'- a narcissist, the land banking scam, he the director himself, his abuse and stuck to the relevant facts of the case.

More than likely, Richard's past English teaching days long ago (1995-97) in Japan and others are getting the best of them. That is a respectable occupation over his new and now past one. Half of the RST investors are teachers and the other half are delicate Japanese who could find no recourse for help in this. This was Richard Cayne's real motive-- his prey in Japan. In the end...with Richard Cayne.. your money is long gone. 



IMPORTANT NOTE: Richard Cayne's sock in your mouth and get out of jail free card with each of you and an attempt to protect himself on his Royal Siam Trust Company "WSB Representation". He may have given you ( threatened ) this document and demanded it to be signed or "no WSB claim" - or to simply shut you and your family up ( that he surely never signed himself ). A ridiculous gag order - release waiver ( RST ), confidentiality "agreement" for his RST crime so you won't go to the police or sue him wherever he lurks. Sadly many of his victims were fooled again and this is invalid if NOT signed, witnessed and notarized by him and you having an original copy.


Brief Note

WHY pay your Royal Siam Trust investors and clients back millions when you can pay your lawyers 10% (or more now) to stall and make you give up?

John Formichella, (or as Richard Cayne refers to him, "my lawyer") of BRS Law - the very same man and firm originally hired to go after him - has prominently joined Cayne's shady business front, Asia Wealth Group Holdings Limited (RST). This can easily be attributed to a complete lack of ethics, personal motive for financial gain, and is most certainly a conflict of interest. This goes well beyond simply milking Richard Cayne for legal fees (and a few others on the gravy train) to support his lies with your money. Times are tough in dodgy Thailand these days, and this cover up is about to end. Part 2 coming this summer, followed by the final installment, Part 3, which will include a full video (with details and hard evidence, including court documents) explaining what happened. http://www.asiawealthgroup.com/management-team.html

BRS LawのJohn Formichellaは、リチャード・ケインの弁護士であると同時に、リチャード・ケインのAsia Wealth Group Holdings LimitedのSenior Adviserでもある。これは、利益相反行為(Conflict of Interestにあたるのでは?



December 2nd 2013 to February 1st 2014:

Richard Cayne has formally admitted in Trat court that he established Royal Siam Trust Company Limited (RST), AND that he is the Director of the company in St. Lucia. As expected, his lies continued while purposely mumbling to the court and trying to avoid clear translations from English to Thai with other incredulous reasons for his actions since he founded Royal Siam Trust Company. In all truth, he was embezzling and using his Meyer clients' money (not for WSB) and "for tax efficiency" or better put - to avoid paying ANY Thai or Japanese taxes AND use your RST money. 

Remember that RST – NOT White Sands Beach - is where YOUR funds were sent.  

"RST” (Est. 2004) is an offshore front company with a bank account in Hong Kong, where your funds were received. Some investors have, through Richard Cayne's deceit and manipulation, been brainwashed into believing they are a "WSB Claimant". While it is true that you possess a WSB share certificate and a tiny share in the land on paper, the problem is this: Not one dime made it to this land. Instead, these funds were diverted entirely to the RST fabricators and beneficiaries: Richard Cayne, his Japanese wife, brokers, and RST partners. White Sands Beach neither received the money, nor are the bogus complaints filed to the court asking for any of these funds to be returned.

Regardless, you should contact Richard Cayne and/or the Meyer broker you dealt with directly by email or phone ASAP, and inquire about YOUR RST funds and if the above is true. You may also want to ask quite candidly if Richard Cayne is still the current Owner and Director of Royal Siam Trust. We can assure you, he will deflect and lie about the answer by phone and will almost certainly not reply in writing to this by email, and in all probability, blame WSB Co. or others.

Furthermore, you may also want to inquire why RST is still active and not closed (wound down) in St. Lucia (the actual offshore company). We will generously hint to you that it relates to the above. Richard Cayne has recently renewed the company registration for the tenth consecutive year and we know why. These shenanigans and lies have run their course, and the abuse will end quite soon. The truth and options for a private financial recovery excluding Richard Cayne and his partners were expressly given to the RST investors over the past several years.

The next round of time-wasting hearings for Richard Cayne and a handful of POA signing investors in Trat will take place during the week of February 24th to March 2014. Expect another "FOR CLIENT USE ONLY" legal letter, in much the same vein as previous letters, replete with excuses and stalling in April.

Why would WSB "settle" with the people who embezzled your money, refused to pay them, and abuse them (and others) with perjuring testimonies and lies?

The first RST brochure as the "Operator" and "Planning Funds" is provided for a reminder. This was in fact designed and written by Richard Cayne and his wife.



UPDATE: Royal Siam Trust / ロイヤルサイアムトラスト

UPDATE: Will Richard Cayne or one of his few remaining POA signers for fraudulent claims against WSB show up for their hearing tomorrow (Dec. 2, 2013) in Trat?

Richard Cayne has skipped most of the court hearings already and continues to use *your* RST funds to pay legal fees to try and get away with this. Word has it to expect a newly assigned Thai attorney to ride out this continued perjury and other underhanded tactics in court; the previous attorney resigned from the case and firm for very obvious reasons. If you would like to file a complaint against Royal Siam Trust and/or Richard Cayne, his cronies (AOIA) and Japanese brokers, please contact the below. They are well aware of Meyer International and/or Richard Cayne and what he did and is continuing to do.

Kanto Local Finance Bureau Securities
Regulatory 1 Division Phone: 048-600-1155
Email: syou.kan1@kt.lfb-mof.go.jp
Remaining Royal Siam Trust Co. Ltd funds can be found here: http://www.isdx.com/infostore/Company-Accounts/AsiaWealthGroupHoldingsLtd/asiawealth2013.pdf
(These "planning funds" were supposed to maintain and purchase your WSB land investment; instead they (Asia Wealth Group) maintain the Meyer companies and Cayne family lifestyle in Thailand)
UPDATE: 明日2013122日、リチャードケイン、あるいはWSBに対する訴訟で彼に委任した者はトラットで行われる口頭弁論に現れるだろうか?
リチャードケインは、既にほとんどの口頭弁論に出ることもなく、RSTのランドバンキング詐欺事件から逃れようと、私たち投資家のRSTへの投資金を使って弁護料を払い続けている。噂によると、新たに担当になったタイ人弁護士が、相変わらずの偽証や他の手不足な戦術で切り抜けようとするとみられる; 前の弁護士は、明らかな理由でこの裁判の担当、そして弁護士事務所からも辞職したという。ロイヤルサイアムトラスト(RST) / リチャードケイン、仲間(AOIA)そしてメイヤーの日本人ブローカーの件を報告したい場合は、下記に連絡して下さい。関東財務局証券監督第1課の担当者は、メイヤーインターナショナル / リチャードケインのこと、そしてメイヤーがしたこと、そしてまだやり続けていることについて、既によくご存知です。
さいたま新都心合同庁舎1号館 関東財務局証券監督第1課
山口(TEL 048-600-1155
証券監督第1課(関東財) <syou.kan1@kt.lfb-mof.go.jp>



誰でもわかる ≪Royal Siam Trust Company Limited≫

St Luciaの記録(↓)によると、
2004年5月27日にRoyal Siam Trust Company Limited設立、

でも掲載しましたが、これらのドキュメントはRichard CayneがRoyal Siam Trustの
投資家はWhite Sands Beach Co.ではなく、Royal Siam Trustに送金しました。
Royal Siam Trustが投資家に返金しない限り、詐欺事件は解決することはありません。
Royal Siam TrustのDirectorはRichard Cayneです。


Richard Cayne/Meyer/RST vs Greg Pitt/White Sands Beach

Despite more than a month having passed since Richard Cayne/Meyer Asset 
Management/Royal Siam Trust/Asia Wealth Group's withdrawal of their 
bogus claims against Gregory Pitt/White Sands Beach in court, investors 
have yet to receive any news.

One possible reason for this may very well be that Richard Cayne is 
trying to figure out the best way to phrase a final goodbye letter - 
undoubtedly full of excuses and scapegoating - as to why their legal 
challenge was such a complete and utter failure. I'm confident that the 
court documents will soon be available and that they will shed some 
light on what really happened.

Another possibility may be that Richard Cayne is looking for a new law 
firm in order to continue stalling for time. Are investors at this point 
supposed to swallow even more excuses and letters, and yet another court 
case in which there is no chance of success whatsoever? He will probably 
even have the audacity to ask them to contribute yet more money to cover 
legal costs.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Investors curious about where RST money has been going may find the 
following link to be of interest:


Asia Wealth CEO and chairman resign 16 October 2013            
StockMarketWire.com - Asia Wealth Group Holdings chief executive Andrew Mankiewicz and non-executive chairman Richard Lascelles have resigned with immediate effect. The board had appointed Richard Cayne as the new CEO having decided that the company would refocus on its core business and the growth opportunities this can generate. Mankiewicz will continue as managing director of Asia Wealth's Singapore subsidiary and assist in identifying and evaluating business opportunities in Singapore and the region. Cayne said, "On behalf of the board I would like to thank Andrew Mankiewicz and Richard Lascelles for playing a key role in the listing of Asia Wealth. "My intention is to focus more attention on companies within the newer ASEAN countries such as Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos as they are experiencing accelerated growth at levels far above the rest of Asia." Trading in the first five months of the current financial year has been down on expectations but with the refocusing of our business, the board expects that the company should now see better returns. The board plans to appoint a new non-executive chairman in due course. Story provided by StockMarketWire.com   
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